Jones | Haydu was approached to renovate a small coastal home in northern California. The repeat client had acquired an 800 square foot home and wished to create a weekend retreat for her family. The former fisherman's cottage, built in 1910 on a sloping site overlooking the ocean, comprised several awkwardly arranged rooms lacking connection to the surroundings. The client wanted more spacious and light-filled rooms and improved function within the limited area. The goal was to rework the layout, add a second bathroom, and increase storage without changing the building footprint or increasing square footage.

A private zone comprising bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage was positioned on a portion of the site away from the view where topography and existing foliage provide shelter. A public great room - kitchen, dining, living, and deck - was located to engage the ocean. The roof form was redesigned and ceilings vaulted to provide a spacious feel and new windows and skylights carefully located based on function and views. A simple palette of rustic wood flooring and shingles, white walls, and tongue and groove ceiling create a clean and timeless feel.

As the cottage renovation was nearing completion, the client wished to add a multi-function accessory structure to the property. This “shack” was to compliment the cottage and serve as a guest space, office, and studio. Strict limitations on size informed the balanced solution comprising a small deck, common area with built-in desk and storage, and sleeping loft. Ceilings were vaulted and dormers added to provide a more open feel. The same materials and detailing as those used in the main home create consistency and harmony among the two structures.


General Contractor: Peacock Designs
Structural Engineer: Double D Engineering
Photographer: Art Gray