Petchitecture is an annual event which supports Pets Are Wonderful Support (P.A.W.S.), an organization who believes that the healing impact of the human-animal bond is one of the best supports available for medically vulnerable individuals, a bond that can yield valuable health outcomes. Our submission ("The Pet Policy") integrates dog and family life and encourages a variety of interaction. It is a bench, a desk, a side table, a dog house, and a toy. For the dog, it offers a private interior, an elevated perch, a dining tray, and a toy trough fed by a ball drop. For the family, it offers surfaces to sit or place objects on, and a desk at which to work. While being used as a desk the dog may rest atop the bench within petting range, or retrieve toys from the conveniently located toy trough.


Built in collaboration with Buck O’Neill Builders and Mueller Nichols